Whatsapp cool tips

#1.Change Profile Picture – Of Your Friend’s 😀 😛

This is new and an awesome whatsapp trick to prank your friends. You simply need to make some easy file replacement to change the actual profile picture of your friend. So research some real funny / scary images that would give 440 volts shock to your friend and resize it to 561 x 561 Pixel dimension.

Try using the feature ‘RIOT image resizing’ to achieve this. Now it is time to navigate to SD Card and choose Whatsapp. Go to Profile Pictures where you see the profile picture of your friend. It will have name and phone numbers similar to your friend’s. This is one of the best whatsapp trick 2018.

These will have prefix attached. Simply rename the new chosen image to that same file name. Now replace the old image with the new one.

You can use the iFunBox for iOS device. For android, try and use file manager to attain this effect. Now it is time to restart your device and the new profile picture will be visible. You can call and show this to your friend. Just tell them they have uploaded an ugly picture and enjoy their reaction.

#2.Backup And Restore Your WhatsApp Chats Conversation

If you want to Backup your friends chat conversation, you want to format your mobile or android phone, Then you can back up it, It will help you to restore your friends conversation on your android device.

For your Android Settings >> Chat settings and tap Backup conversations

To save this conversation use a file manager and save it like /sdcard/WhatsApp/Media.

For iOS Backup – Settings >> Chat Settings >> Chat Backup, then tap Backup Now.


Top Insta auto follower to increase your followers

Why we need auto followers websites or app

Guys most of you always compare your followers on instagram because you want to stand top from others.Some of your friends have 1k followers but you have only 50-60 followers so there is a need of auto followers website or app. Yes of course, why not if we can’t get followers then why not get it by using fake process. So auto followers website or app are best to manifest your dream to get hundreds or thousands followers

Best auto followers websites and apps


Famestar is the best app for getting auto followers on your Instagram account. Famestar app provided custom system also.It will boost up your followers too much

For downloading click here:-https://www.apkmonk.com/download-app/com.famestar.getfollowers/5_com.famestar.getfollowers_2018-08-12.apk/

#2. 4gram

4gram it is an awesome website for increasing your followers by fake process. With the help of this you can get up 20 followers at a time.

Go to :- https://4gram.com/

#3. LeetGram

Leetgram is a must-have app for any Instagrammer who cares about their number of followers.It also provided 20 follower at a time

Download:- https://leetgram.en.uptodown.com/android

#4. Hublaagram

Hublaagram helps you to increase instagram followers for free you don’t have to pay a single rupee to get followers. It will provided you 20 followers within 30 min.

Go to:- https://hublaagram.in/

#5. Takipcistar

Takipcistar is another alternative auto follower of the above all auto followers.This website is a really awesome one! that is my favorite . You can get maximum of 200 followers by using this at a time. It is absolutely free

Go to:- https://takipcistar.com/

>> Settings :-
Before using Insta auto followers you must make your profile public from Privacy settings.

>>conclusion :-
I hope you got best auto follower. Now its your time to tell me which one of the above auto follower is best for you. So let us know in comment section.

Top fb autoliker to increase likes on fb photo,video&status

Why we use fb autoliker

Guys we are social human. We always campare photos,video or status likes on fb because we want to stand top from others. Some of your friends have 500-600 likes on her post but i have only 40-50 likes. Now if u want to get 500-600 likes on your post so there is a need of autoliker. Yes of course, why not if we can’t get likes then why not get it using fake process. So autoliker is the best trick to manifest your dream to get hundreds or thousands likes on your post

Below are best fb autoliker

#1.Auto like vibrub

Auto like vibrub is one of the most popular fb auto liker that will help you in getting unlimited likes on fb post

#2.Machine liker

Machine liker is also a best fb auto liker for fb users. It will boost your likea to much

#3. Group liker

Group liker is also a best fb auto liker. It do work same as Machine liker or Auto like vibrub.


Vipfbtools is also an awesome fb auto liker. It will help you in getting unlim ited likes on your post.With the help of this you can get up to 200+ likes at a time


Himzi is also aalternative auto liker. Get free 15000 liker on your status, photo, album, and get 500 likes every submit


Before using fb auto likers your post must be public


This article is really helpfull. Now i hope you got best fb auto liker.

Guys sometimes they doesn’t work properly so, try it again and again

Now its your turn to tell me which one of the above fb liker is best for you. So let us know in comment section.

How to write colourful status &comments on fb lite

heY guYs thats my first blog and in this blog i am going to tell you that “how to write colourful status & comments on fb lite”
Guys aap logo ko kuch ni krna h bs aap ko apne comment or status likhne se phle jis colour me likhna h un colours ka neeche code given h us code ko comment&status se phle likha dena h and fir aap jo likhna chahte hn vo likhiye or fir vo usi colour ka show hoga jis colour ka apne code likha h…..

Example:- Maan lijiye aap ko my name is surYansH red colour me likhna h toh aap ko likhna pdega

<fg=f0f00f0f> my name is surYansH

Or guys aap ko koi problem aati h toh aap meko comment kr k bta skte hn

And aap ko jis problem pe blog chaiye vo bhi aap comment kr ke bta skte hn fir mai usi topic pe new blog bna dunga

It is a tech blog which helps people from all over India and abroad, acquire knowledge about technology social media etc

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